Enquiries from strong candidates are always welcome! Postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to apply for independent funding and excellent candidates will receive support with these applications. Potential sources of funding include: Marie-Curie Fellowships,  Human Frontier Science Program, and Royal Society Newton International Fellowships.



The group currently has 9 DPhil students and we anticipate taking more in 2023. Funding is often available for UK and EU students. Information on how to formally apply to the department can be found here. This page contains details of how and when to apply, has the links to the application forms, as well as information on funding and frequently asked questions.

Applications from overseas PhD candidates are very welcome. These applicants generally need to secure scholarships to fund their studies in Oxford. Information on Graduate Admissions, Studentships and sources of funding can be found in the Oxford University Graduate Prospectus.   

Part II

We will probably take 2/3 part II students in 2022/23 to work on projects in asymmetric catalysis, autocatalysis or the application of catalysis to target molecules. Please contact SPF if interested.